Facebook chatbot for restaurants

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  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Connect with diners around the clock through chat, with no additional manpower costs

  • Marketing via Facebook Messenger

    Introduce restaurant promotions and events to diners via Chatobook

  • Show Off Your Menu

    Let customers discover menus through a visually-stunning user interface

  • Quick Reservations

    Chat with the Chatobook bot to make reservations in less than one minute

  • Prompt Feedback

    Let your customers send instant feedback by chatting to the bot

  • No Downloads

    Diners don’t need to download an app to use Chatobook

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how it works?


Quick setup

Import menus, introduce ​promotions and accept reservations via Facebook Messenger


Connect with diners

Helps restaurants engage with diners, 24/7, through a personalised chat service


Simple delivery

A fast and easy ​reservation system which lets diners browse menus and make bookings

Facebook chatbot for every restaurant

Want to connect and engage with diners, 24/7?

Chatobook is Southeast Asia’s leading chatbot for restaurants owners. Launched in late 2016 in Singapore, Chatobook aims to change the way that the region’s diners and restaurants communicate. Chatobook’s bot works flawlessly on Facebook Messenger, which means diners don’t have to download any apps to use our service. The bot will enable restaurant owners to provide a personal touch as it will be able to chat to your customers like a person and provide all the information they seek, 24/7, about their next dining experience.

Dedicated to becoming an Asian market leader of chatbots

With our continuous strive to make Chatobook better, we are constantly working to build more and better features for you.Try Chatobook now to discover how our chatbot will be able to help you gain a competitive edge.